Jay-Niles Memorial Library Mission Statement

It is the mission of Jay-Niles Memorial Library to provide and support all possible plans and materials that will lead to maximum library service for the greatest number of persons seeking information, meeting their recreational, educational, and professional needs. The Jay-Niles Memorial Library serves as a learning and educational center for all residents of its community.

Jay-Niles Memorial Library Technology Mission Statement

The Jay-Niles Memorial Library Board of Trustees and staff recognize the impact of technology, specifically electronic communication and information upon the lives of the citizens of the town of Jay. To encourage and support educational, informational, and recreational interests for members of all ages in our community, the Library strives to provide access to, provide instruction in the use of, identify, retrieve and organize technology in its various formats.

Mission Statement for Children’s and Young Adult Services

The Jay-Niles Memorial Library Children’s and Young Adult Services exist to serve the needs of those children seeking various services evolving around reading. It is our goal to influence society’s future by helping today’s children develop a life long love of reading, and the skills to find the answers in their quest for information.