Summer Reading Programs

Jay-Niles Memorial Library Summer Reading Programs

The library will hold two different programs, one for the younger kids (primary and elementary school age) and one for tweens (preteen 9-12 years old) and teens.  

Juvenile Program-

The Jay-Niles Memorial Library presents “Objects in Motion” as the 2017 young people’s summer reading program.  Four story and creating nights will be featured, as well as a Kick-off program and a “We Did It” ending program.  We will start June 27th at 6:30p.m. in the library’s Memorial Hall and end July 31st with the “We Did It” show and tell/party night.  

Our featured Kick-off Program will be the Mad Science of Maine group presenting “Engineering a Better World”.  We hope “kids will step into the shoes of an engineer and learn how to design things to make the world a better place!”  The audience will explore several types of engineering appropriate for young people ages from around kindergarten through 6th grade.  

Sign-up Night will be June 27th before the Kick-Off Program, so come early to enroll and then attend the program.  For anyone unable to attend the opening program, Sign-up will remain open until July 7th.  The Summer Reading Program is simple: you read books or have them read to you, count your time, and earn stickers.  You will get your reading log and a little more when you sign up.  

Keeping your child reading at any age will give that child an advantage in school, therefore, relax and enjoy reading for 15 minutes or more a day.  Stickers for your reading chart are earned for each hour you read.  Remember, your town library membership is free to you and your family as Jay taxpayers.  If you are out-of-town and want to participate, you still can, however, you will need to get a yearly family membership for $20.  Please visit the library often and enjoy choosing books from the library’s collection.  

We will feature a story time and free activities for you to enjoy and share starting July 5th.  There are “four” theme nights this year where everyone in attendance will hopefully participate.  Teamwork will be needed for the planned activities on some nights.  Mark your calendar for 6:30p.m. on these nights: June 27th-“Engineering a Better World”, July 5th-Off to the Races, July 10th-It’s Plane to See, July 18th-Let’s Hover and Rise, July 26th-Can It Move?, and July 31st “We Did It” show and tell/party.  

The library staff is looking forward to seeing you this summer! We will assist you in any way we can.  Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have a question.  Jay-Niles Memorial Library is open: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 3p.m. to 8p.m., as well as, Thursday and Friday from noon to 5p.m.  Feel free to bring in family and friends during our hours.  Should you have any questions, we can be contacted during the above hours at 645-4062.  

Tween and Teen Program-


You are invited to join our summer reading program: Reading by Design! This program will combine reading and design activities throughout the summer.  We will kick-off the summer with a reading challenge.  For every book you read, a book from our book sale inventory will be set aside so that we can build a structure over the summer using the books.  The more you read, the more we can build! It’s really up to you!!! 

Our programs will be taking place primarily in our evolving Makerspace* Center upstairs.  This space will be taking shape over the summer, as we receive materials for it. We will start the summer with materials we already have on hand and will also be reusing (or upcycling) items and doing activities such as: constructing clothing from recycled items, book and magazine arts and crafts, constructing with cardboard, making paper circuits, and other activities to be determined. Most activities will not be completed in one night, but may be worked on throughout the summer until complete. We will provide the materials; you just need to bring your imagination and creativity!

Have fun! There is no right way to create or invent! Our first program night will be on June 26th at 6:00p.m.   

*A Makerspace is a place to learn, make, invent, create, collaborate, do arts and crafts, experiments, etc.

  • Some of the items which will eventually be in the Makerspace are: a 3D printer,  Robotics kits, science kits, littleBits (circuitry kits), Makey-Makey, building sets, legos, coding bots, etc. 

*We are receiving funds to create a Makerspace Center from a Maine Public Library Fund grant.  Starting in the fall, this space will be fully available to Teens in Tweens in RSU 73.  

Jay-Niles Memorial Library 

Tween and Teen Summer Reading Program 2017


June 26 @ 6p.m.-Create folded book art with old books.

July 6 @ 6p.m.-Create book sculptures with old books.

July 11 @ 6p.m.-Create a bowl from old magazine pages. 

July 19 @ 6p.m-Make a paper circuit with paper, copper tape, LEDs, and a battery.

July 25 @ 6p.m. Make a lamp with old books and a lamp kit. 

August 1@ 6p.m.-Construct with books and cardboard.* Recycled Runway Fashion Show. ** 

The following Thursdays at 2p.m. may be used as open “create” days: June 29, July 13, July 20, and July 27th.  On these days,  you may continue working on projects you started on other days. You can also work on clothing made from recycled items that will be part of our fashion show on the last day.  

*We will be gathering the books accumulated through reading over the summer and create a structure with them.  For every book read, we will take a book out of the book sale inventory and add it to the pile.  On the last day of the program we will use the books to build a structure.  The more you read, the larger the structure we can build!

**Tamara will show everyone examples of clothing made from recycled items, in order to help get the creative juices flowing.  The items can be created at home or on an open “create” day.  We will show them off at our last program day!