Here is a list of online resources that we hope you will find useful:

Do-It-Yourself~Your place for home repair projects and how-to articles.

Infoplease~A free, authoritative, and respected reference for Internet users. It contains biographies and facts on a number of subjects. This link will be handy if you need resources such as an encyclopedia, almanac, atlas, dictionary, or thesaurus.

How Stuff Works~This is an award winning source of credible, unbiased, and easy-to-understand information on how the world works. It is produced by the Discovery subsidiary.

Peoplesmart~This site provides education on protecting privacy.

Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus~ maintains the most comprehensive and authoritative language portal on the web with more than 2,500 dictionaries and grammars in over 300 languages, dictionary, glossary and reference articles, games that build language skills, and a forum for discussing language issues with the logophile community.

Stop, You’re Killing Me! is a resource for lovers of mystery, crime, thriller, spy, and suspense books. official website of the state of Maine.

Maine State Library~The Maine State Library facilitates access to and delivery of library services and collection resources for the State of Maine.